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In an effort to bring charitable giving to the forefront of young minds, each year there are four Student Ambassadors appointed from each town (two for each dance) who are given the honor of allocating a portion of the proceeds from the dances to a qualifying organization of their choice located within their respective town.  Please see our Grants page for the list of our 2017 recipients.


80 Years for Both Charity Balls

The Counties Assemblies, Inc. was founded by Mrs. Willem Schilthuis in 1938 and originated with the planning of a Christmas Dance held at the Red Barn for a group of young people from Westport.  Over the years it has grown into a not-for-profit charity, operated for the benefit of youth in the State of Connecticut, with particular emphasis on youth from Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Promoting a sense of inter-town friendliness, Mrs. Schilthuis brought women volunteers from the surrounding towns of Fairfield, Weston, Westport and Wilton (the “Member Towns”) together to run this charity.  

Each year, this group of volunteers organizes two dances:  The “Red and White Charity Ball” for public high school seniors from the Member Towns, and the “County Assembly Charity Ball” for public high school juniors from the Member Towns.  

Proceeds from these events, along with any additional donations received during the year, are then allocated to local tax-exempt organizations that benefit children and teens.