Welcome to The County Assemblies 2022 Charity Events. We're glad you've found us!


The County Assemblies, Inc. after thoughtful deliberation, has decided that the 2022 County Assemblies Charity Balls will not be held due to concerns related to the pandemic.  We are extremely disappointed but feel this is necessary to ensure the institution's longevity and to be prudent financial stewards. We are looking into alternative options for some 2022 events and will post updates on our website homepage and social media pages as they become available.  

If you have any questions or need additional information about The County Assemblies, Inc. or our events, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email at:  info@thecountyassemblies.org or send us a message on Facebook on our page/messenger at: The County Assemblies.

Important News

We are pleased to announce that The County Assemblies, Inc. Board of Directors voted in December of 2018, as an accommodation to the LGBTQ community, to welcome male-male couples to our Charity Events. We continue to be very sensitive to the need to empower young women. With the exception of the LGBTQ community, we expect junior and senior girls to continue to be the person who asks an escort to this event and is the Subscriber who completes payment during the registration process.


New this year, in addition to the public school students, we welcome subscriptions from junior and senior girls and, as an exception for the LGBTQ community, boys bringing a male escort, who are residents of the member towns and are enrolled at a private school.

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